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Hospital Mass Casualty Patient Decontamination (HMCPD) Training

Hospitals must make special accommodations for receiving and attending to contaminated patients without contaminating other patients or complicating emergency care. GP Strategies delivers a one-day Department of Homeland Security (DHS)-approved course tailored to your hospital’s specialized procedures, principles, and equipment.

You’ll benefit from our extensive experience with healthcare facility emergency plans, exercises, and training. Our work with a variety of healthcare facilities has given us unique insight into the design and delivery of effective technical assistance training in hospital mass casualty patient decontamination.

GP Strategies’ training includes a high-energy, hands-on exercise to reinforce preparedness and response to threats involving chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear weapons in an all-hazards approach.

Access mass-decontamination training with minimal interruption to your operations.

Because GP Strategies knows that medical facilities across the nation often lack adequate staff, we deliver our hospital mass casualty patient decontamination training to your facility as a one-day class. Your team remains on site, ready to respond if needed. Overtime costs for training your team are minimized or eliminated.

Receive thorough, proven training for mass casualty events.

Our DHS-approved course concludes with a practical exercise to reinforce objectives, roles, and responsibilities. Our DHS-certified instructors work closely with you to gain the maximum impact from the course. GP Strategies project experience includes the following:

  • Conducted Hospital Mass Casualty Patient Decontamination training throughout the state of Arizona and with a number of large regional medical facilities
  • Delivered Hospital Mass Casualty Patient Decontamination training in multiple states for hospitals and hospital systems

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