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Hospital Incident Command System (HICS) Training

GP Strategies delivers HICS training designed to help you understand your responsibilities, define your chain of command, recognize when to activate your emergency command system, and plan for all other variables necessary for handling any incident—natural or man-made—in an effective and consistent manner.

In a mass casualty incident, it is vital that hospitals have a consistent command structure and communications flow with other hospitals and responders. The Hospital Incident Command System (HICS) is the standard for an incident command system for use by hospital-based personnel. GP Strategies’ HICS course will help you develop an effective plan.

Learn the essential elements of a HICS structure.

GP Strategies’ course lays the foundation for the reporting structures and establishment of functional groups to respond to an event. This course contains pre-established job action sheets that assist the user in determining what steps to follow. Major corporations and healthcare systems have used and tested this process, and HICS is applauded for its flexibility and provision of direction to those in leadership positions.

GP Strategies integrates National Incident Management System (NIMS) material into the training so that the audience is able to understand the directive, the many NIMS components, and how the NIMS affects planning and response as they relate to the HICS model. In addition, the program demonstrates how HICS effectively utilizes the ICS structure found in NIMS. The training program reinforces the structure and organization, and other components as described in NIMS material throughout the course.

Gain more value from instructors who understand your world.

Our staff has extensive hospital, public health, and emergency management experience helping government and commercial clients. GP Strategies has:

  • Provided statewide HICS training and tabletop exercises for the Iowa Department of Public Health
  • Conducted statewide HICS training and tabletop exercises for the Louisiana Office of Public Health
  • Delivered statewide HICS training and tabletop exercises for the North Dakota Department of Health

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